Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Worm Challenge Rug Hooking

Maria Barton of Star Rug Company offered the group members of PRHG a wonderful Challenge. We had to take 205 wool strips (worms) that were sent to us and hook them into a certain design. I choose her sheep pattern. Creating it in a mirrored effect. My thoughts were to try to create the twin sheep as if they were mirrored in a lake. This was a fun challenge and Maria was so kind doing this for all of us. The challenge was to use the worms sent they were various colors. The hardest one for me was the purple.

PRHG is an ebay group for rug hookers and needle punching artisans.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today finds me Working Away on "Midnight Ride"

This will be a fun whimsical Cat Doll set. Creating this one for
This will be a wonderful Quarter Moon doll on an old bed spring. Sitting on this fun moon will be a black cat doll. Look for photos to be here soon. I am working in Pastel colors for this one.


Happy New Year to all

Well I have been hooking away on a Newly Designed 3-d Rug Hooked Eagle. Will post pictures as soon as I am finished.

Hope to be offering a tutorial for Rug Hooked Dimensional Eggs for Spring.

Took on a huge Challenge for this New Year. Will be hooking away on a huge pictorial rug. Will be doing this along with many members of an Ebay Group Primitive Rug Hooker Group. Should be a lot of fun.

Plan to start dyeing my own wool this year. Will post pictures of my progress with this new adventure.

Wish you all a blessed 2008 year.
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