Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter with Family

My sister calls me up and says do you want to get together for Easter. Yes I do. This was the first time in many years we were able to share Easter with each other. And one of the greatest blessings of all is my parents were able to be there too. The day was gorgeous. Evidence of spring all around. Gold finches have joined the other birds at our feeder. The lilac bush out front has purple buds all over it. Spring green leaves are popping out every where and the grass and alfalfa are all greened up. Mom says her tulips are in bloom and I will need to go over and see them before they go away til next year. I was inspired to look into another topic that is most dear to my heart. The risen Lord. I have been gleaning information on the historical evidence of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. What an interesting study. It is good to be back in Colorado and share special occasions with family. 
God bless you

Monday, March 2, 2015

Special Order Cat Purse

Linda has given me the opportunity to create a unique cat purse just for her. I will post new photos of Linda's purse when I complete it.
Here is the promised finish photos of this special order cat purse.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pay it forward

My grand kitty Thursday has went over the rainbow bridge and will be greatly missed. There was more going on then the discovery of diabetes. You could buy a car for what it cost to try to save his life. We love our pets so much and Angela's heart is broken. I know Angela does not regret the cost but will be paying this off for many years with out the help of generous people. Any amount will help.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finishing my Rug

I am going to be finishing this rug finally. I had been waiting to know where I was going to put it. It will be going on a wall so the binding and the hanging method can be done. I am getting motivated to start decorating the house. I painted the main bath yesterday a beautiful lilac color. Will touch up the paint today and be done with that. We are also going to plan our garden and fruit trees to be planted this spring. It is good to have our feet on none mobile ground again.

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