Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our New Fifth Wheel Trailer

We are getting our Aljo all ready to trade in for the Big Country fifth wheel we are purchasing. We go to get our new fifth wheel on Monday. So excited to be more comfortable. We will have a lot more room in the new fifth wheel. Should not be tripping over each other in the new rig. We chose a fifth wheel that does not have an island as this opens up the room. Plus we will be able to get to the frig when the slide rooms are in. Will each have a recliner. The kitchen is huge in comparison to the one we have now. We have been wanting to take this step for several years now. Will share photos when we get the new rig set up.

After we are all set up in our new fifth wheel I hope to get to making the patterns I have promised to make. Halloween is just around the corner and these patterns are for Halloween or all year if that is your choice of decor.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fifth Wheel Trailer

We have been looking at purchasing a new fifth wheel trailer. 
We really like the Big Country by heartland.
Model # 3250 TS
Have been working with dealers to get the best quote. This process has been time consuming and just a bit scary. 
It has been a long time since we had a mortgage type of a payment.
Say a prayer for guidance for us in this decision. 
It is time to get into something more comfortable.  
With our life style this is a must.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good to be back Home

It is so good to be back in Colorado. 

It is so quiet. For almost four months we have heard bells from our gate keeping job 24 hours a day. So believe me we are noticing the quiet. Not to mention no vehicle sounds either.

David put the sun flower seed bird feeder up yesterday. Now it is a waiting game to see how long it takes for them to find it. There are no squirrels around yet either.  Will get the humming bird feeder up today. 

We are in unwind mode and really enjoying being here!! Was wonderful to give my Parents a hug, my sister Lynda and her hubby too. All of us live in the same area near Westcliffe Co. 

I hope to get some time in to work on the patterns I have been promising. It appears play time is taking precedence at this moment. Believe me after working for almost 4 months straight at a 24 hour a day job we are in need of some play down time. 

Until next time May God bless you!!!!

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