Monday, September 22, 2014

A Work In Process

A home is a work in progress. A tapestry being woven with each screw, every push of a shovel and stroke of a brush. Ideas every changing. A old house that wants to look young again and be loved. Well that is our new home. A work in progress. We are on week three of upgrading our new home. This will be a several year process. But we see the potential in this little house we call home. We are still living in our fifth wheel which we have called home for twelve years. As it is easier to work inside the house while not living in it. Having said that we hope to live in part of the house by next week.
Things we are doing right now. 
Building  a wood fence around the north and west sides of our property. For privacy, sound barrier and to, we hope, keep our dog in the 3/4 acre yard. Painting inside the house. Rebuilding a bit inside. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. Racking racking racking. As you can see there are a lot of trees. My brother in law Evert and sister Lynda helped us clean up the yard and my dad. Evert with his chain saw removed some to crowded shrubs and trees. It is true pay attention to the size the trees will grow to be when you plant them. They really do grow as wide and tall as they say. There is still much to do with the trees around the house.  The burn pile is huge. There is even an apple tree that has yummy green apples and a rose bush blooming small pretty red flowers.  All the landscape will need to be redone. The apple tree has to be trimmed much shorter. The roses need to be moved. So as you can see the tapestry of a home and the land we live on is ever determined by what colors we choose to weave. Much more has happened but I do not want to bore you to much with all the details.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Home

After many years, twelve to be exact, we are going to settle back down to living in a house that is not mobile. We will still travel in the future but have a more permanent base. We chose a fixer upper house as we enjoy the projects that this will give us in the future. I am pondering starting my creative art work again as I will have a studio. I can not even imagine having a sewing machine out where I can easily get to it. To see my wools in there gorgeous colors sounds very inspiring. We will be living close to my parents again. This is also exciting as they are not getting any younger and I want to share as much time with them as possible. This house will also put us closer to our two grown children. As they will only be two hours away. We will still have a property in the mountains to get away to and look forward to continuing to stay up here a lot. Also we can garden again. This house sits on a 3/4 acre lot plenty of room to plant plant plant. If all goes well we will close on the house early next month.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Good to be Home

It has been a long time since I posted. We worked all winter at a 24 hour gate guard position in Texas. It is good to be back home in Colorado at our Fawn Hollow Ranch. Watching the deer, the birds at the feeders, squirrels and rabbits. Been a tough week as my dad had chest pains and went to the hospital on Sunday. He is fine and they didn't find anything. Then my sister had her knee replaced on Monday. Evert my brother in law and I had been heading down every day to visit and help. Good that she is home now and lives just over the hill. She has a long road in front of her but is doing well. I am really tired and drained. Will relax for a few days.  I for the first time in a long time actually had a desire to create so maybe I will do some creating over the next month. I am still getting my vacation spirit back. I have had some special order requests but have not been able to do any as I have had no time. But I think it might be time to make something new or create the patterns that I have said I would create. For the witches boots and also the jack o lantern pattern.
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