Thursday, February 21, 2013


This winter has found us once again working down in Texas. In a few months we will be heading back to Colorado for the summer. It has been a long winter but so thankful for the job. This year we have been able to stay put and not travel around a blessing in many ways. This has kept us in constant work but no breaks at all. So seven days a week and we each work a 12 hour shift. Believe me this is harder then it would seem. We will have worked seven months straight by the time we are choosing to leave. We hope to leave some time in April.

This has pretty much drained my creativity right out of me. I have not made anything. I have done a little cross stitching which I remember why I didn't do this. That project sits unfinished and unworked on since before Christmas. Wonder if it will ever get finished. Guess I better stick with the things I love to do. Rug hooking, doll making, and needle punch. The constant having to put what every you are working on aside to go out side makes it hard. Especially to do counted cross stitch. You come back and say now where was I. Uggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

A lot  of my creative effort, last year, went into the making of my parents 60th anniversary family tree quilt which my sister and my made. This was given to them at Christmas time. I wish I could have been there but as I stated we have been here for five months straight.

Back to Texas. Many birds are here in our little neck of the woods in Texas. Cardinals, Acorn Woodpeckers, kingbirds, the fly catchers are back, finches, Mexican Eagles, vultures and many many more. We are close to the Atascosa river and that is the reason for our work here. The big trucks need to come through our gate to get back to the land behind us. This river has alligators in it.  Didn't know this at first. The truck drivers have told us they have seen them. There are rattle snake but we have not seen any. Hope they continue to stay away from here. It is about time for them to come out again. Several deer are in the area. I saw my first armadillo. That was awesome. We have a shade tree and a forest is just behind us do to the river I mentioned.
So we could not ask for a better place to live while working.

I hope that maybe my creativity will come back this summer but for the most part I think I will play!!!!

Until next time. 

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