Friday, April 29, 2011


We have been enjoying our time in Colorado. Watching the many deer in the valley. We also have daily visit from our squirrels and chipmunks. We have the squirrels with the tufted ears. Both the gray and the black ones. I think they are called Abert Squirrels. We have noticed a flicker as decided to peck holes in our garage ugggghhhhh. Any hints as to how to stop that? David thought maybe one of those owls.

I have been taken time to relax and enjoy my family. Plus my right arm has really been bothering me so I have been trying to not use it in hopes that it will start feeling better. So far this has not helped. The doctor thinks it is tendonitis.  I am missing rug hooking and needle punching. The idea's are still flowing though. I think I will try my hand and hooking our pet cat. Either as a purse or a pillow or maybe both. I am at the drawing and planning stage for this. 

If you have created a rug hooked piece of your pet I would love to see it. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bessy Aleena Bunny

This sweet little bunny was made for a friend by special order request.
Isn't she sweet?

She is created with the wonderful art of Needle Punch and is my own design.
She is like my Lizzy Beth Bunny who is created using Rug Hooking. 
Bessy Aleena is over 7" tall.

Giveaway Time

Adorable Watermelon and Rabbits

This is a large fun watermelon with adorable bunnies.

April 2 to April 15th

Doing one of the things below will enter you to win

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lil Witch Purse

Wonderful Primitive Needle Punch Halloween decorative Purse. 
Lil miss Witch and her familiar the black cat. Large Needle Punch design. With black cat, spider webs and dimensional spider. Filled with fall color toned pip berries.
You will love this design.
Available for purchase.
On my Website
Cost $55.95 free shipping to the USA

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Mary had a pretty bird,
Feathers bright and yellow,
Slender legs--upon my word
He was a pretty fellow!

The sweetest note he always sung,
Which much delighted Mary.
She often, where the cage was hung,
Sat hearing her canary.

Now little Mary is a pretty as a picture. Mary's facial features are created with several techniques. Her gorgeous blue eyes are watercolor painted. The shading and highlighting, of her face, were also created with watercolor. The water color is sealed to keep the coloring fresh. Her nose lips and eyebrows are needle sculpted. Mary's eyebrows are also feather stitch embroidered with a rich brown color. Her eye lashes are painted. Mary's head is a separate attached piece. Her long pigtails are wool roving. Just look at those gorgeous hand made flowers adorning her pigtails.

Mary is made from osnaburg fabric. She has individual fingers and needle sculpted wee little toes. Mary sits very well as she is a little chunky. She is about 14" tall and about 13" wide. Mary has her favorite bird and fruit print dress on. This tea stained dress with the golden print fabric trim is the perfect setting for this themed doll set. Did you notice the other flower on Mary's sleeves? Flowers and birds are her favorite things.
The bird and cage are both made from onasburg fabric. Little Canary has wired feet and separate button attached wings. You can move the wings into what ever position you want. Little Canary is 5" tall. The bird cage is wired throughout so it will stand well on it's own. It is almost 9" tall and has a flower attached to the top. Did you notice it has a cage door.

For sale on my website

Gothic Black Jack O Lantern

This is the last one of my Jack O Lanterns

This primitive Jack-O-Lantern is made from Osnaburg fabric. The fabric has been paint stained in various stages to give it this wonderful look. This Gothic Black Jack O Lantern has a burnt orange coloring on the inside and also peeking through the black top coat of paint wash. This Jack O Lantern has been heavily walnut stained and cinnamon rubbed. This Gothic Black Jack O Lantern has one of the most awesome stick stems. This will come with one flicker candle which is battery operated. 

Email me for purchase information
The cost will be $45.95 and includes shipping
Paypal only please. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

EasterWeen Giveaway !

We are halfway there! Halloween will be here before we know it, and the Halloween Queens are excited! To get you all excited with us, We are having our "EasterWeen"

The giveaway is for a basket full
of "OOAK" Halloween ornaments created by some very talented Halloween Queens. Below you can view some of the wonderful ornaments that will be in the basket of goodies. For an extra special treat, some of the Queens have included a WIP of their ornament being created! We had so many ornaments and WIP pics, that we will be posting some ornies today, and some ornies tomorrow... As Gourdie says.....SCREAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

EasterWeen Giveaway Click Here

Click here to find out if you won

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