Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Adventure

Here I am already working my first day on the new gate keeper job. We got here last Wednesday.
We are about 80 miles or so from Corpus Christi Texas. 
This is day five and we both got a pretty good nights sleep. Adjusting to the 24/7 hours has been challenging. But we are working it out. We have been really busy here. Logging in and out about 96 vehicles on some days. Some really large trucks and lots of equipment. There is already an oil well on this location but this last week they have been working hard to get a new well up and running. 

Every job over the last year has helped us get closer to our goal of getting a new fifth wheel trailer. It is way past time to get a larger fifth wheel. We know what we want in a fifth wheel now. When we first began this life style we were not even sure we would like it. For the most part we do like this way of life. We have been able to see a lot of the Western United States over the last seven years. The hardest part for us is being away from family. Especially our children and my parents who are not getting any younger. We hope to spend our 2012 summer on our property in Colorado and get some much needed family time in. 
Once we get settled into this new job I can begin to do some artwork again. Or that is my hopes and plans.
Until next time. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We are now in Texas after traveling over 1000 miles to get to the gate keepers lot. We hope to be at work by next week as gate keepers. It was good to have a month off but it is time to get back to work. 
It is totally overcast here and it only got to 66 last night. We are not used to those kind of temps at night. 
Plus it is humid also something we are not used to.

 Our cat had not been feeling very well and doesn't like to travel so this was really hard on him. I felt that he was maybe suffering from digestive issues from the antibiotics given to him.  Also UT issues as he has had this off and on his whole life. After researching I found Slippery Elm Bark and how to use it for cats. After being on this for a short time he seems to be better. Getting him to eat what he normally does is challenging. He is being really really finicky about his diet. Can't seem to tolerate the normal raw diet I was feeding him. We both feel that he also may have a sore mouth. So hope to get his teeth cleaned and checked. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cameo Needle Punch Extra

Just ordered another Cameo Needle Punch. I have often thought it would be easier to not have to change the threads all the time. I think having another Needle Punch will help a lot. Looking forward to punching several of my witches boots. I hope to have these available in a few months

For those who purchase needle punch patterns. Do most have them have a list of the colors of floss used? 
That is the hard part as I tend to over dye my floss to make it grungy and use several different kinds of floss. Mainly what I have on hand. I am thinking this is an important part to creating these patterns. I am sure many would go ahead and create their own color palette but there are others who would use the same floss I use in my project.

I was lucky and found a great buy on some weavers cloth. So I have A LOT of weavers cloth. In fact maybe enough to last a life time.
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