Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cameo Needle Punch Extra

Just ordered another Cameo Needle Punch. I have often thought it would be easier to not have to change the threads all the time. I think having another Needle Punch will help a lot. Looking forward to punching several of my witches boots. I hope to have these available in a few months

For those who purchase needle punch patterns. Do most have them have a list of the colors of floss used? 
That is the hard part as I tend to over dye my floss to make it grungy and use several different kinds of floss. Mainly what I have on hand. I am thinking this is an important part to creating these patterns. I am sure many would go ahead and create their own color palette but there are others who would use the same floss I use in my project.

I was lucky and found a great buy on some weavers cloth. So I have A LOT of weavers cloth. In fact maybe enough to last a life time.


LenZie said...

Hi There, I agree with you having several Cameo punch needles threaded and ready when you have a lot of floss colors changes to make. I know you will find it much faster and enjoyable to punch a prlject.

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

Yes I really think it will make a difference LenZie. :)

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