Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Adventure

Here I am already working my first day on the new gate keeper job. We got here last Wednesday.
We are about 80 miles or so from Corpus Christi Texas. 
This is day five and we both got a pretty good nights sleep. Adjusting to the 24/7 hours has been challenging. But we are working it out. We have been really busy here. Logging in and out about 96 vehicles on some days. Some really large trucks and lots of equipment. There is already an oil well on this location but this last week they have been working hard to get a new well up and running. 

Every job over the last year has helped us get closer to our goal of getting a new fifth wheel trailer. It is way past time to get a larger fifth wheel. We know what we want in a fifth wheel now. When we first began this life style we were not even sure we would like it. For the most part we do like this way of life. We have been able to see a lot of the Western United States over the last seven years. The hardest part for us is being away from family. Especially our children and my parents who are not getting any younger. We hope to spend our 2012 summer on our property in Colorado and get some much needed family time in. 
Once we get settled into this new job I can begin to do some artwork again. Or that is my hopes and plans.
Until next time. 

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