Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Weeks Worth

We now have one week of our new gate keeper job under our belt. It has been a week of getting used to this 24 hour a day job. David has had the hardest time as he has the night shift. The ringer that is supposed to go off when a vehicle approaches the gate was not working all the time. This made it hard because we had to watch the road all the time. Jamie came and fixed the bell yesterday. Yippy!!!!! 
This is very interesting learning about the process of fracing and watching all this equipment come in.  Yesterday I got bit a several times and noticed that there is a fire ant hill just outside the gate in the grass. Fire ants are something new to us. Now that I know it is there I can avoid it. 
The catering company has come in the last few days and brought us food too. Today a smoker came through the gate the guys get barbecue for lunch. That means we do too or I hope so. He said he would try to bring us some out. I do not eat meat very often but sometimes I will eat barbecue.

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