Friday, January 27, 2012


Have been trying to decide what creative art I would like to do next. Sometimes the choosing of what to do keeps me from actually doing. 
Maybe I will create a needle punch Easter doll. 
Or maybe start the work needed to get my witch's boot needle punch designs out in pattern form.
Maybe I might work more on designing the memorial hooked rug of my Grandparents farm outside of Unionville MO.
Maybe I could make a wonderful large black mammy doll. 
Okay maybe I should do all then I won't have to choose. :) 
Have a great day whatever you Choose to do.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blast from the Past

I have been going through archived photos of my art career as a doll maker and fiber artist.
Here are just a few of the photos I am falling in love with all over again. 
I used to make very large dolls but have downsized them due to living space and shipping charges for my customers. Some of these are paper mache doll sets. 
Thought you might enjoy seeing a few.
I do regret that some of the photos are not the best. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


After a lot of hard work in distribution of Christmas trees we are in Quartzsite enjoying some much needed rest. I have read several books while we have been here. Before we left Phoenix I downloaded Kindle to my PC. I enjoy reading books on the computer but need to have regular books around too. As we both share this computer. I hope to purchase an Ebook reader like Kindle Fire or a Toshiba Thrive in 2012

Today we will head to the Rock & Gem show. I hope to find some earrings. I keep loosing one so many of my sets are singles now. Ugggghhhhh. Looks like it will be a gorgeous day for a walk around the booths. 

Hopefully my mind and hands will come together to start creating again soon. I have a skeleton witches boot design already drawn and ready to needle punch. I am perfecting the construction of these witch's boots and hope to release these as patterns this year. I have two designs already this it the third. Of course Spring is just around the corner so maybe some other things will be created for that season of joy.
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