Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Home

After many years, twelve to be exact, we are going to settle back down to living in a house that is not mobile. We will still travel in the future but have a more permanent base. We chose a fixer upper house as we enjoy the projects that this will give us in the future. I am pondering starting my creative art work again as I will have a studio. I can not even imagine having a sewing machine out where I can easily get to it. To see my wools in there gorgeous colors sounds very inspiring. We will be living close to my parents again. This is also exciting as they are not getting any younger and I want to share as much time with them as possible. This house will also put us closer to our two grown children. As they will only be two hours away. We will still have a property in the mountains to get away to and look forward to continuing to stay up here a lot. Also we can garden again. This house sits on a 3/4 acre lot plenty of room to plant plant plant. If all goes well we will close on the house early next month.
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