Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tips For Hooked Pumpkin

Thought I would repost these tips in my main blog in case some of my rug hooking friends are only a part of my Befruitful Blog. 

While hooking this special order pumpkin I realized that I wanted to share a few tips on the process of making the pumpkin. 

Since you must hook snug and close together it is easier to use a smaller hook. I was using my primitive hook and it was a real work out to use it for this project. I pulled out my first hook a simple hook with a sponge covered handle. It was so much easier to hook close with this.
When assembling the pumpkin I find this needle a must. 
Here is a link for, one place you can find, these Jumbo darning needles. I have found the metal ones are a must as I break the plastic ones. Clover also makes a case for these to go in which I use to store mine.
 The larger the thickness of the stick stem the easier it will be to close the monks cloth around it. 

 If you can find the colored monks cloth I would suggest using brown or rust for these pumpkins. 
If you have a photo of a pumpkin you have made from my pattern and want me to share it here in my blog add a commit saying so and we will work out how you can get me a photo.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Custom Order Pumpkin

Thank you Tim for the opportunity to make your pumpkin for you.
For those who are unfamiliar with rug hooking. This pumpkin was hand hooked with a special kind of hook using wool strips of fabric. This is a large dimensional rug hooked pumpkin.

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