Monday, June 22, 2009

Dimensional Rug Hooked Santa

I am working on a Rug Hooked 3-d Santa right now. It will have a front and back side. And I hope to make it free standing. The front is all hooked with deep earthy tones of reds and blues.

So look for this to be posted soon.


New Rug Hooked Fairy Tale Purse

This wonderful purse has found a new home in Delaware.

* Rug Hooked Little Red Riding Hood Purse *

The Big Bad Wolf is peeking around the tree stalking poor Little Red Riding Hood. She has been to grandma's house and is on her way down
the path that leads to the forest. She has her basket in hand with her red and white cloth covering laid over it.

What a unique one of a kind Hand Hooked Purse. This would look loving in any decor. You could also use this for a light duty purse.
The front of this purse is hand hooked with hand dyed wool strips in gorgeous colors. One Eighth inch wool strips have given
great detail to this Little Red Riding Hood purse.

This was inspired from a Bobbie Takashima Painting.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Witch Doll

This Awesome Witch has found a new home in Tennessee.

This Witch Doll is a big gal and her cauldron is a candy holder. If you would like a similar doll please email me for special order details.

JoEllen Laurita

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tamolitch Pool

We decided to go for a hike along a portion of the McKenzie Trail in Oregon. Our destination was Tamolitch Pool. This is almost a five mile round trip hike from the trail head we started from. You hike right by the roaring river all the way. But about half way there you begin to see the lava rocks all around you and the river drops below you. A gorgeous hike.

The pool at the top of this picture is Tamolitch Pool. The river goes underground and resurfaces here at this gorgeous blue pool.

We are maybe 30 feet above this pool. In this photo you can see the type of rock cliffs we are on and see the McKenzie river as it begins it begins it's descent from the pool.

The pool is crystal clear and I would say a deep turquoise color. Just stunning and the color is rich.

We really enjoyed the hike and if you are ever along 126 in Oregon take this hike. You can ask at the forest ranger station for directions. You will be glad you stopped.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oregon Flowers

This fern has a black stem.Plus the shape is so different.

Just some of the very pretty flowers we have seen in our Oregon travels.

Our day starts early at our own campground Delta. We travel about 85 miles a day taking care of 8 campgrounds. We drive up forest road 19 into the mountains along a windy road. Did I say windy. This is a snake road all the way up. This road takes you right next to the dam of Cougar Reservoir and along the whole west side of the Reservoir. Then we travel even further about 10 more miles along forest road 19 to Frissell Campground. This is our farthest campground.

We have seen vultures, robins, grouse, deer, squirrels, ravens, hawks, a garter snake, frogs, lizards, scorpions and some of the gorgeous country you will ever see.

I hope to add more photos soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Washday Mammy

This little Mammy Has a new home.
But please contact me for information on ordering one.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterdays Fun & Look for Photos coming soon

David and I spend the afternoon among the temperate rain forests of the Mckenzie River. A stop at the ranger station for some needed trail maps and such. We learned that there are otter, mink and beavers around. Will have to keep our eyes open for these fun creatures. Searching out a little known hot spring and hiking to a couple of stunning waterfalls were part of the fun. The spring run offs have the Mckenzie river flowing high. Thus the water coming over the water falls was just gushing. We took lots of photos so look for some photos of flowers and waterfalls. There are many variety of ferns and tall trees. Have no idea what half of the flowers and flowering bushes are. We actually are living in what is known as a temperate rain forest. Moss growing on the trees , lots of ferns and rain hmmm. Rain did I say rain. Supposed to be heavy rain this afternoon. We had about 10 days with no rain around the memorial weekend.

Look for photos coming soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Witch Doll & Camp

Hubby has given me a few days to work on a doll for Pfattmarketplace's Halloween in June theme.

I love creating for the Halloween Season.

This fun Witch doll will have a cauldron candy dish in her lap. When I can I like to created functional artwork. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture soon.


The Willamete National Forest in Oregon is gorgeous. A very thick forest with a lot to do.

As we begin site seeing I will share our photos with you. So stop on by to see the wonderful things that this part of Oregon reveals.


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