Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterdays Fun & Look for Photos coming soon

David and I spend the afternoon among the temperate rain forests of the Mckenzie River. A stop at the ranger station for some needed trail maps and such. We learned that there are otter, mink and beavers around. Will have to keep our eyes open for these fun creatures. Searching out a little known hot spring and hiking to a couple of stunning waterfalls were part of the fun. The spring run offs have the Mckenzie river flowing high. Thus the water coming over the water falls was just gushing. We took lots of photos so look for some photos of flowers and waterfalls. There are many variety of ferns and tall trees. Have no idea what half of the flowers and flowering bushes are. We actually are living in what is known as a temperate rain forest. Moss growing on the trees , lots of ferns and rain hmmm. Rain did I say rain. Supposed to be heavy rain this afternoon. We had about 10 days with no rain around the memorial weekend.

Look for photos coming soon.

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