Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oregon Flowers

This fern has a black stem.Plus the shape is so different.

Just some of the very pretty flowers we have seen in our Oregon travels.

Our day starts early at our own campground Delta. We travel about 85 miles a day taking care of 8 campgrounds. We drive up forest road 19 into the mountains along a windy road. Did I say windy. This is a snake road all the way up. This road takes you right next to the dam of Cougar Reservoir and along the whole west side of the Reservoir. Then we travel even further about 10 more miles along forest road 19 to Frissell Campground. This is our farthest campground.

We have seen vultures, robins, grouse, deer, squirrels, ravens, hawks, a garter snake, frogs, lizards, scorpions and some of the gorgeous country you will ever see.

I hope to add more photos soon.

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