Thursday, March 31, 2011

Witchy Brew

Hang this fun Witches Boot up anywhere a great piece to add to your Halloween collection.

Primitive Needle Punch at it's finest in this new Halloween Witchy Brew design.
Miss Hagitha is stirring her "Witchy Brew".  Notice the fire has faces and the words Boo off to the side. Hagitha has beautiful brown hair and a long flowing cape.

This is an original design and is my fourth in a series of primitive Halloween designs that I am creating. This Witches boot is 8" tall and 6” wide. These measurements are the needle punch part only. Boot is Needle Punched on weaver’s cloth with a fun fall palette of colors. I used mainly antiqued DMC floss in the punching of this boot. This witch's boot is like a pillow in the shape of a boot. The backside of the boot is black wool hand sewn to the front. My business name Befruitful Kreations is hand stitched on the back of the boot. The top is indented and the backside rim is wired. The mustard and maroon pip berries coming out of the top are sewn in place. Did you notice the three rusty tin bells that embellish this boot? The hanger is jute.

Only one available. 

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Peggy Anne

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E Patterns

It will take me a while but I am converting my patterns into E-patterns. As time permits I hope to do at least one a day. The program I use to create my patterns in the pages are a little larger in size thus when converted to a pdf some of the letters are cut off. So I am having to go into each pattern page and correct this. So it will take me a while to do this. 

If there is a certain pattern you would like to see made into a PDF contact me and I will move it up on my list to convert. I am excited to offer these to my customers.
I may not covert my Rug Hooking Patterns to PDF form. But all others will be made available in PDF form.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Traveling Mode

Tomorrow we hope to begin our journey back to Colorado via one of our favorite states New Mexico. We may not be moving back to Colorado yet. We are waiting to hear back about a summer job in Wyoming.

So I am sad to say that I will not be a vendor at the Colorado Hook-in. Not knowing what are plans are made this impossible for me to commit too.

I do have two new Black Dolls sets finished and I hope to list these over the next few days and another black doll that is almost finished. So stay tuned as to when these will hit the market.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hazel Ruth

Hazel Ruth  is about 16" tall and at her legs is about 10" wide. She has the pose of a sitting down baby with bent knees. Hazel Ruth's legs and arms are button jointed. Notice her adorable separate attached head and the needle sculpted proportions of her face, fingers and toes.  She has pretty painted finger and toe nails. Hazel Ruth is made from Onasburg fabric that is paint stained in various stages. She is partially rag stuffed as I think this gives more weight to the doll. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lizzy Beth Bunny


For sale on Prims Nest

This rabbit has been on my mind for several years. As an artist there comes a time when what you have envisioned and often drawn must be created. This is the case with Bunny Rabbit Lizzy Beth. She wanted to be created and I am thrilled with the results.

Bunny Lizzy Beth is a 14 ½” tall hand hooked free standing doll. She was hand drawn on linen and hooked with #8 cut strips of wool. The wools used are quality wools and some are hand dyed. The pattern of the wool used for her head, ears, hands and legs really gives her the appearance of having fur. Her dress is various shades of purple and the apron is various shades of pink. Every color used is muted. Notice the bow on her head matches the pink of her apron. The dress has a white collar at the neck, the bottom dress hem is also trimmed in white as well as the sleeves adding a lacy look to the dress. The neck collar also has a little rusty tin bell. Notice the ties of the apron on the back these are strips of wool. Around Lizzy Beth’s legs I created the look of a field of grass filled with raised flowers.

or further details Please visit
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