Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good to be back Home

It is so good to be back in Colorado. 

It is so quiet. For almost four months we have heard bells from our gate keeping job 24 hours a day. So believe me we are noticing the quiet. Not to mention no vehicle sounds either.

David put the sun flower seed bird feeder up yesterday. Now it is a waiting game to see how long it takes for them to find it. There are no squirrels around yet either.  Will get the humming bird feeder up today. 

We are in unwind mode and really enjoying being here!! Was wonderful to give my Parents a hug, my sister Lynda and her hubby too. All of us live in the same area near Westcliffe Co. 

I hope to get some time in to work on the patterns I have been promising. It appears play time is taking precedence at this moment. Believe me after working for almost 4 months straight at a 24 hour a day job we are in need of some play down time. 

Until next time May God bless you!!!!

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