Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watching the Snow Fall

We are snowed in.
But this is okay. The snow is gorgeous.
The sun is out today though and this snow will be melting very soon.
I went out and built a snowman. That was so much fun!

My wool stripper is waiting for me at the post office. We should be able to get out of here in a few days. Maybe even tomorrow. It will be muddy though.

We do have an ATV and went over the mountain to see my mom & dad yesterday. And my sister and her husband. If we had chains for the truck we could get out of here. We are supposed to go over the my sisters for a smoked turkey this evening. We will see the mud may keep us in here.

It is kind of fun being snowed in!!!! The deer should be moving around today.

I have been procrastinating as far as creating goes. Look for a mermaid though. I have been playing with a mermaid design. Might even make it into a pattern. So do keep posted.


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