Monday, July 27, 2009

Really busy Summer

The campers are in full swing here in the Willamette Forest of Oregon. For the most part there are very friendly fun people here. But I must say there are the few as we all know. You know the few you would like to .......

Friday through Sunday finds us putting in many hours as we work in our 8 campgrounds that we are attending this summer. Usually our Monday and Tuesday runs are much shorter. Not in distance but in time spent.

Sorry i haven't been able to create more this summer to offer you and also haven't been able to get to posting photos of this gorgeous part of God's country.

On our days off we have been sight seeing. Last week found us doing a 900' climb in a mile to Carpenter Lookout. Wheww. That was a climb. We enjoy going to Eugene usually once a week to the farmers market and doing our shopping. Last week found us going to the newest Harry Potter Movie The Half Blood Prince.

Fall is just around the corner and I am still in hopes that I will be able to create some Halloween items. It is my favorite season to create for.

Lately my craft time has been spent on rug hooking the donkeys for the Noah's Ark Project. But those should be finished this week.


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