Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lots of ideas

Enjoying the creativity swimming around in my head and working it's way out in hands on creations. 
I have a little black girl in the works. I do not do Caucasian dolls very often but my Mother Goose Pfatt Challenge doll is a Caucasion doll.This doll will follow the Mother Goose Rhythm of Mary's Canary. I also have another Mary's Canary doll in my mind that will find it's way to creation. 


Mary had a pretty bird,
Feathers bright and yellow,
Slender legs--upon my word
He was a pretty fellow!

The sweetest note he always sung,
Which much delighted Mary.
She often, where the cage was hung,
Sat hearing her canary.

I also have a new needle punch doll that I will be working on soon. 
Let me know if you want me to try my hand at making any of these punch needle dolls into patterns. 
Here is a picture of my last needle punch doll.

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Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey, I would have bet my first born that i was already following you! I know I have been to your blog.. well no matter I am now, and thanks in return! robin

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