Monday, June 28, 2010

More Colorado Wildlife

We have seen three bears since we have been here.
This week two bear within about 5 minutes time. 
A big brown bear. This photo was taken through the window so isn't the best.

The other bear was black with a brown muzzle. It never did come very close. It seemed spooked. 

Many mule deer call this home.

This year we have some bucks. I did see a fawn while walking the other day. The doe's will start bringing them by soon. I will share some photos soon. 


We also have a black squirrel that looks just like this. They have now lost their tufts of fur on their ears. The tufts made them look like rabbit ears.
The gray squirrel loves to chase the black on all over the hills. They are comics.

These are all over the hills.

We also have rabbits but I have not been able to get a good photo.

1 comment:

LenZie said...

OMG and me would be running like no tomorrow. Thank you very much I will take the little fuzzy squirrel. You two are very brave to live with thos creaters. Hugs, LenZie

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