Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crisp Cool Colors

The colors of fall are in full swing up here in the Rockie Mountains of Colorado. It is crisp and cool this morning.
 I have been trying to catch the leaves falling from the aspen trees as gusts of wind cause them to cascade
 down. The unique sound of the aspen leaves quaking on the batches is a calming sound to my ears. Peace and serenity abound up here high in the mountains.  
 Our cat loves it up here as he hunts for mice and chipmunks. Sometimes just a fluttering leaf will catch his eye.
This morning was cool enough to justify a fire to try to keep off the cold.

 Much of Colorado has a fire ban but not up here. We have been enjoying the crackling popping of the pine and aspen logs as the fire consumes them. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little photo shoot from up here in the Colorado Mountains. 

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