Friday, October 22, 2010

Sierra Vista Arizona Pumpkin Patch

We are surrounded by pumpkins again this year. 
Come and choose your perfect pumpkin.
Fifty Pallets of Pumpkins, from large to small, were unloaded last week. 

 Have your picture taken with the Witch I made this year.
See her fun witchy boots. 

 Stay tuned as we will be selling Christmas Trees again this year.
I can't wait to have the scent of all the Christmas trees surrounding me. 
Things to keep in mind about Christmas trees. 
1. Do not put them near a heat source including the sun if possible. 
2. Make sure that the tree has a fresh cut on the bottom before you put it in a tree stand.  Just saw about an inch off the trunk of the tree.
3. Never let the water in the tree stand go dry. The tree will try to seal itself off and will not draw the water into the trunk as well.


Witchie said...

So many pumpkins!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Thought of you as they set up the big tent near my bus commute stop!

Waving from Marana, AZ~~

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