Monday, April 29, 2013

Home at Last

Last week we made it back to Westcliffe. It is so good to be back home for our spring and summer. It has taken us a little while to get used to the colder temps around here. We also have a new addition to the family. A dog adopted us while we were in Texas. After searching many avenues to locate her family, with no luck what so ever, we decided to bring her home with us.  This week we will take Skylar to the vet for shots and maybe find out for sure what mix of dogs she is.  We think she has doberman and greyhound in her. She is maybe 7 months old and a bundle of energy. We have a lot of training to do with her but she seems to be a quick learner. Stubborn at times but most children are. She is very interested in the deer but we are trying to teach her they are friends. Right now I am just enjoying some much needed R&R and taking long walks with Skylar. Doing some reading and enjoying time with God. I have so much enjoyed getting back to my quiet times with God. He is the greatest counselor and what He teaches me is so relevant to life. I again say it is great to be back home in our little ranch called Fawn Hallow.

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The Joy of Needlework said...

Hi and Welcome Home now lets get cracking with thos wonderful dolls. I love my washday Mammie. Hugs, LenZie

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