Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Visited our daughter last Weekend

David and JoEllen

JoEllen & Angela

These Aspens were a stunning red. I have never seen the Aspens trees this red.

As you can see it has started to snow in the high mountains of Colorado.

This is the view my daughter has right out her door.

She is living in Mountain Village. The ski slopes are right out her door. The mountains are all around them. I can not even describe in words how beautiful it is there.

Angela and David can out walk we any day. I have to take those up hill climbs a little slower then them.

We love to hike and one of our favorite things is waterfalls.



katie said...

what a beautiful post, I haven't been in Colorado for 30 years. I remember it fondly. Your daughter is beautiful.

primitive woolen

Looking forward to your witch house

Primitive Palace said...

JoEllen, that is beautiful country. Your daughter is so lucky to live there. Ebay has not been as busy for me this year so far. I think the economy is effecting everyone. I'll keep muddling along as long as I enjoy it!!!

BeFRuiTFuL said...

Katie and Denise thanks for visiting my blog.

The mountains truly are gorgeous but they said that four letter word snow. We are heading south on Tuesday Lord Willing.

P.S Katie that Witches House is almost done. My original plan was to make this into a pattern but the garage plans kept me from finishing it until now.

Hugs to you both.

nyafarmgirl said...

What an awesome view your daughter has! I bet she enjoys every minute of it! I haven't been to Colorado since I was a kid makes me want to go back.

Sam I Am said...

wow!!!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Is this your daughter?? What a GORGEOUS girl..and a GORGEOUS place to call home!
I'd love to have that view everyday..she is soooo fortunate :)
I have never seen red aspens...thank you so much for sharing your pics..they are soooo pretty..makes me wanna go NOW lol

Robin said...

Some of these pictures look like postcards! Just beautiful!

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