Monday, November 10, 2008

BHR Challenge

Been working on my BHR (BIG HUGE RUG). Kelley challenged us to hook a huge rug during the 2008 year. I brought mine along on the road with me. Many of you know we are full time RVers so this can be a challenge in itself. I have been hooking away on this for a few days. Still have what seems like a long way to go. But the main section only has the sky to do. Then will be Hooking on some large border areas. These rugs can not be seen yet. That was a part of the rules. No posting of rug photos outside of the group until the challenge is over. So maybe around January first they will be able to be viewed. Some of the ladies finished their rugs a long time ago. I am not a long term project person. But have found this to be fun. I think it is due to every area is like a new project. Painting with wool on a pictorial rug has been very fun. I have learned a lot. This rug is about 4' by 3' so it really is a big huge rug.

Been drawing out idea's for a couple of new dolls. Hope to work on at least one of them this week. So look for a new doll to hit the market hopefully next weekend.


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