Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teddy Bear William Potts OOAK

Meet William Potts

This is my second rug hooked Teddy Bear. The bear parts are all hand hooked with the tradition art of Rug Hooking. William Potts is rug hooked with dyed raw wool with silk noils added. This wool has added such a unique coloring to this bear. Notice his snout and paws are purple. William Potts has a bead packet inside of his body to give him addition weight. His eyes are glass buttons and I added mohair behind his eyes to give him addition facial character traits. William Potts’ nose and mouth were hand stitched with black floss. His legs pads have been needle sculpted adding dimension to them. The wool scarf around William Potts's neck with come with the bear. This Teddy Bear is 12” tall while sitting and 13” wide at the widest part. This bear is not a toy and should not be given to children.

If you like this bear get him while you can. I can not make another bear this color as I do not have enough of the dyed raw wool to do that. These are OOAK as no two will ever look exactly alike. The different raw wool used will always make them different.

If you are interested in purchasing this bear make and offer in an email to me. 

USA or Canada only please!!


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