Saturday, April 7, 2012

Witches Boots & Gate Keeping

Finished the punching part of my latest Witches Boot design. I like the 3 strand Valdani but I will try the size 12 perle or pearl cotton as I think I may like it better. The 3 strand was a little hard to work with for me. I contacted Valdani to ask them how the perle cotton size 12 compared to a 6 strand floss. Here is their answer. "In terms of thickness, one strand of perle 12 is comparable to 6 strands of floss." 
Now it is time to assemble this newest Witches Boot design and the Skeleton Witches boot design. Then on to writing up the directions for the pattern. Maybe I can get the first patterns out sooner then I was thinking.  It really depends on how busy the gates are in the future. The gate that we are working at right now it not a really busy one as they are winding down. Should be out of here next week some time then on to another gate. We had one day off between the Paloma gate and the Pioneer gate. Were able to get our laundry washed that day.  Our first gate job was very busy as we were opening the gate up to 240 times over a 24 hour period. David took the night shift and I did the day shift. Here we have our evenings and nights to ourselves. A much needed thing as we were both exhausted. So it is good to know that it isn't always really busy. 

Here is a little guy that comes by everyday. 

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LenZie said...

Hi sweet ladie, I just read where you lost your fuzzy I am so sorry and wanted yo to know I care about you and this little critter. Hope your not working to hard. Hugs, LenZie

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