Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rambling Thoughts

It has been a pretty long time since I have made something to sell. 
Not even sure where to begin again. 
Do I try the market on Ebay, Etsy?
Join an on line market?
Submit something to Prims or another magazine?
Do I contact my old customer base of emails? Yes

It is a daunting market and truly wonder whether it is worth starting all over again.
Plus I still will sometimes have time to do this and other times no time at all. 
Thus can I keep myself in view and in mind of potential buyers?

Do I focus on one medium? No I can't do this as I love variety and none of the mediums I work with are more interesting to me then others. I love making dolls as much as I love rug hooking.  

I have thought about just making things for myself, family and friends.
I do love to make and create art. Love playing with new mediums and growing in the arts. 
I do love to share what I create with others and it also keeps me motivated to create.

Having said all of this I am about finished with two Witches Boots. Hope to assemble them today. I have been writing the pattern for one of these boots. Not sure where I will try to sell these. 
Maybe on my own website or my blog. 

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