Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We hope to be working one more month and maybe a bit longer down here in Texas. But what I am looking forward to is being back in Colorado. We were only able to spend a couple of months there over the last year. Looking forward to watching the little fawns grow. Feeding the birds. Watching the many squirrel that make our property their home. Sharing time with my parents, our grown kids, extended family and friends. Attending my nieces wedding. Finishing a few patterns that I have been promising to people. I hope to bind my BHR rug this summer. I kind of have rugger's block when it comes to binding and I spent so many hours hooking this rug, I do not want to mess this up. I was also waiting as I didn't know whether I wanted this to be a wall rug or a floor rug. I also hope to just get some time to do some artwork.

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